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Meet The Authors

Rev. Warren and Zina Riley have been married for 33 years and what they are most proud of; “They still like each other.” They are proud parents of two adult children. Rev. Riley is a licensed and ordained Minister, and both are certified marriage coaches through Prepare and Enrich. Warren, an Air Force retiree, now works for the Federal Government. Zina works in Management at a Global-consulting firm. Both Warren and Zina have MBAs with a concertation in Leadership and Change Management.

Although their credentials are essential, with 33 years of marriage, 36 years as a couple and 40+ years of friendship and their covenant to God and each other deems them subject matter experts in relationships. Warren and Zina have a bond that keeps them so close together that one cannot fall without the other. 

Their theme is “God’s Marriage Design: Two Becoming One,” Genesis 2:24-25



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The essence of the Rich Relationships book project is to provide support and a safe community for couples and families in need of marriage guidance. Empowering couples to build, repair, and restore their relationships by applying biblical principles is the mission of the Rich Relationship Project. Gil & Renée, 17 powerful couples, and two subject experts will share their marriage message and the secrets to their marital oneness. Our Podcast & book will equip couples who pick up this book with the relationship skills many of us may have lacked at the beginning of our marital journey. Join us as we break the silence of past and present pain and dysfunction. Remember, we are stronger together let's grow!

Launch Day 10.7.20

12:00-1:00 PM CST


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“God’s Marriage Design: Two Becoming One,” Genesis 2:24-25

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